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Ways to pay Verizonwireless bills


How Myverizon bill payment is done?

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Verizon Wireless bills can be paid through a number of payment methods:

Over the Internet:

Note: Only Account owners and managers can view and pay the bills over the Internet. Account members can view usage details for their own lines only. For more information on My Verizon account roles, click here.

  1. Visit the Pay Bill page of your Verizon account page
  2. Enter the amount to be paid in the space provided for payment amount
  3. Select the method of payment and provided the required payment details
  4. Click on the ‘Next button’
  5. Enter the required information, and check the box with which you agree to the Terms & Conditions of VerizonWireless
  6. Click on the ‘Submit’ button

Your Verizon Wireless bill payment is done now over the Internet.

By phone:

Dial #PMT from your mobile phone, and follow the instructions to pay the bill

Note: If yours is a prepaid device, you will have to call #PAY to pay your bill

By postal mail

By visiting a local Verizon Wireless store

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